Portfolio™ Sourcing Tools


The reporting system within Portfolio™ has a variety of list- and graph-based reports that can viewed and printed in multiple formats. You'll have the ability to run reports on an entire folder of candidates, opportunities, notes types, and milestones.

Multiple reports allow you to select which fields of information appear as well as make powerful criteria selections, so you get the exact information you need. And some of them allow you to download the summary information in spreadsheet or PDF format.

PracticeMatch can create custom reports for you!

  • Cut to Your Requirements

    Send us a copy of a report you currently use, our Development Team will build it for you. Have an idea or need for a new report? Tell us about it.

  • For All Specialties and Opportunities

    Reports are a fantastic tool that allow you to track your entire recruitment process and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your different efforts for all specialties and job opportunities.

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