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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Nurse Practitioner Job Search!

As nurse practitioners (NPs) get closer to graduating, the next step for many NPs is to find a job. Job searching can seem overwhelming if no preparation is put into the search beforehand. So, what can NPs do to prepare for their search?

Nurse Practitioner 5 Things to Do Before Job Searching
  1. Consider long-term career goals. Nurse practitioners can start by making a list of career goals for the next 2, 3, 5+ years. This does not need to be a super-detailed list, but a starting point to determine what aspects of a job are going to be the most important when searching.

  2. Create or update CV. The curriculum vitae (CV) is often submitted when applying to jobs or to a recruiter. A CV lists out the qualifications and experiences of the candidate. This document should be organized so sections can be easily found, and section items listed in reverse chronological order. This is also a chance for NPs to update CV descriptions to showcase skills or experiences that will help them stand out from peers.

  3. Create a job wish list. Just because a job is available does not mean it is the right fit for every nurse practitioner. NPs can make a list of what they’re looking for in a job including location, patient population size, patient loads, and pay to name a few. After making the list, the information should be organized from Top (job absolutely must include) to Bottom (it would be great, but not required). This can also help later when deciding between jobs later!

  4. Search for organizations in a desired geographic area. Sometimes, it’s best to go straight to the source and search an organization’s job board. Some websites will include all of the organization's open positions (both medical and non-medical) so it is important to pay attention to the job title and description while searching!
  5. Seek out other job search options. There are more than job boards available to find new opportunities. Nurse practitioners can attend virtual career fairs and events, or even connect with hiring managers and NP recruiters on LinkedIn. Virtual events are a low-pressure way to meet with multiple organizations and make connections in one platform. NPs can use these events to find out about new opportunities or submit their CV to potential employers.

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