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Top Nurse Practitioner Salaries by City

When seeking nurse practitioner employment opportunities, job location and pay are top considerations. Therefore, it is essential to know where to find the top nurse practitioner salaries when applying for new positions. If you are considering new job opportunities and want top level pay, consider these 10 cities in the United States for the best employment opportunities:

Top Nurse Practitioner Salaries by City Panama City, Florida
Palm Bay-Melbourne, Florida*
Nurse Practitioners practicing in the Palm Bay area of Florida receive the highest take home pay in their profession, earning an average of $164,180 a year. These earnings are 68% higher than the national nurse practitioner salary average of $103,880 a year.
San Francisco-Redwood, California*
The San Francisco area is known for top dollar real estate and a high cost of living. It also offers some of the highest nurse practitioner salaries in the country. The NPs who call the San Francisco area home are able to take home an average of $151,660 a year.
Spokane, Washington*
Nurse Practitioners looking for an adventure in the expansive Washington woods will like the generous salaries the Spokane area offers. Nurse practitioner salaries in this city average $150,040 per year. This is approximately $40,000 a year above the national average. While Washington boasts a higher cost of living, this salary expectation is competitive.
Alexandria, Louisiana*
If you are a Nurse Practitioner that loves the Bayou and Creole, consider heading down to Louisiana for some top paying opportunities. Alexandria, LA offers the fourth highest average nurse practitioner salary in the country, averaging $144,010 a year.
Peabody-Salem, Massachusetts*
The coastal region of Salem, Massachusetts offers beautiful views and top-level Nurse Practitioner pay. Nurse practitioner salaries in this area average $142,730 a year, exceeding the national NP average by more than $40,000 a year.
San Jose-Santa Clara, California*
Nestled in the Silicon Valley, the city of San Jose is known for its technology and high cost of living. This highly populated area has many lucrative opportunities for Nurse Practitioners who are willing to relocate and earn an average of $141,930 a year.
Bridgeport-Stamford, Connecticut*
The sea side region of Stamford, Connecticut is great for Nurse Practitioners looking for a smaller town with convenient access to downtown New York. Just an hour's drive from Manhattan, this area pays NP's an average of $140,540 a year.
Panama City, Florida*
If you want sun and fun with year-round temperate weather, then Florida is a great place to consider practicing. Panama City, Florida offers nurse practitioner salaries averaging $139,780 per year with ready access to the beach. Consider ocean views a perk of your new job when you start your nurse practitioner career in Panama City.
Whether you choose to launch your career in the cities listed above, or are looking for something closer to home, PracticeMatch offers thousands of job listings, including nurse practitioner positions. Learn more about available positions and the average salary expectations in your field today.

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