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Tips For Following Up After Your Nurse Practitioner Interview

You nailed the job interview and now sit waiting by the phone for a call. What can you do to check back in with your prospective employer without seeming intrusive? Here are a few tips to help you follow up after the interview and set yourself apart from the pack.

Tips For Following Up After Your Nurse Practitioner Interview

First Step

Laying the groundwork for an effective interview follow up should start before you even leave their office. As the interview is coming to a close be sure to ask about what their follow up timeline looks like. Asking a simple open ended question like "Do you know when you are planning on making a final decision" can prompt the interviewer to divulge when and how they might be contacting you if they haven't stated so already.

Second Step

The second step in an effective interview follow up plan should include sending a thank you card ASAP via mail. Everyone likes receiving a thoughtful thank you and prospective employers are no different. Sending a thank you card allows you to refresh an interviewer's memory of your encounter while giving you another opportunity to remind them why you are the best candidate for the job. Convey your appreciation for the interview while also including highlights of your relevant qualifications that make you a sure thing.


Consider following up with a prospective employer via email or phone call about 1 week after interviewing. This step can be especially advantageous in cases where an interviewer did not state when they expect to contact you in the future. Emailing or calling can help refresh their memory of your qualifications while also showing them your continued interest in the position. Be sure to keep the contact simple and focused and include any questions you may have about the job. If you are having trouble formulating an email, consider scanning the internet for post-interview email templates you can use.

This Feels Like An Eternity...

So, you interviewed and it feels like a year has passed (it's actually been only 2 weeks) What now? Give it some time and consider how long it has been since the interview. Remember that there are often a lot of applicants and layers of bureaucracy that must be given consideration with each position and this can take time. If a few weeks have passed and you sent a thank you card and a follow up email with no reply it may be the time to move on. There is a fine line between admirable persistence and notable annoyance in regards to following up.

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