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Most Popular Physician Assistant Practice Locations

Over the last few decades Physician Assistants have become an integral part of medical communities across America. Their essential skillsets, practice flexibility and increasing numbers are making them a force to be reckoned in many specialties and practice sites. While many PAs can choose from a variety of practice sites, some Physician Assistant practice locations are more popular than others. Here's a look at the top Physician Assistant practice locations and a quick profile of what many of these PAs are earning while working there.

Most Popular Physician Assistant Practice Locations

Physician Offices
The majority of Physician Assistants working in America today choose Physician offices as their primary practice location. Over 61,000 PAs work either in private or group Physician practices in a variety of medical specialties earning an average of $50.01 an hour (1).

Hospitals are the second largest employer of Physician Assistants in the United States. Over 25,000 PAs choose to work in either general or surgical hospitals. These PA practices provide acute and surgical care to a diverse hospitalized patient population. On average, PAs working in hospitals can expect to earn an average of $51.08 an hour(1).

Outpatient Medical Centers
Outpatient Medical Centers have become increasingly popular over the last 20 years and are growing as a destination for Physician Assistants. These centers provide a variety of outpatient clinical and surgical services to patients who do not require hospitalization. Over 8,700 Physician Assistants practice in Outpatient Medical Centers earning an average of $53.13 an hour (1).

Employment Services
Many large organizations require in-house or employment related medical services for their employees. Over 2,900 Physician Assistants have chosen to work with companies looking to meet their occupational healthcare needs. On average, PAs working in these settings can expect to earn $52.63 an hour(1).

Higher Education
Academic Medical Centers, Colleges and Universities provide PAs with a unique opportunity to impart their knowledge to future generations of healthcare providers. Some of the 2,500+ individuals working in Higher Ed Physician Assistant practices provide both classroom instruction and medical services to their students through on-campus clinics. Whether they provide medical care or instruction, PAs working in higher education earn an average of $49.37 an hour (1).

Other Physician Assistant Practitioner Offices
One advantage associated with Physician Assistant practices is the ability to work on multidisciplinary medical teams. This flexibility allows Physician Assistants to collaborate with many health practitioners focused on providing complementary medical care. Over 1,300 PAs work with other practitioners providing care to diverse patient populations. Choosing to work in these unique Physician Assistant practice locations earns practitioners an average of $47.10 an hour(1).

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