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Physician Recruitment Case Studies

PracticeMatch Success: Cleveland Clinic

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Company Profile:

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic is a nonprofit, multi-specialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education.


  • Smaller candidate pools for select specialties she recruits for
  • Primary care recruitment while facing a physician shortage
  • Finding the time to dedicate to sourcing


  • Was able to make multiple hires from doctors sourced through PracticeMatch
  • Gained two interested candidates from a TextMatch campaign for orthopedic surgeons for a newly acquired rural hospital
  • Saved time on reporting due to using our ATS along with customized reports


  • Utilizing PracticeMatch “Featured Practicing” and “Pinpoint Opportunity Match” emails
  • Utilizing our broadcast email system, she is able to cast a wide net to prospective candidates and hone in on those with interest in the position by reviewing the email delivery report
  • Instead of spending days compiling data, Jen relies on the PracticeMatch ATS to pull her reporting
  • TextMatch has helped Jen cut down on response time from prospective hires as well as allows her to utilize her computer instead of her personal cell phone for recruitment


Cleveland Clinic Foundation had formerly been relying on HealthcareSource and PracticeLink but decided to make the move to PracticeMatch. They rely on PracticeMatch as their primary recruitment resource now and take advantage of our ATS.

Jen Kambies, Director, Special Initiatives, at Cleveland Clinic Foundation has been using PracticeMatch for all of her recruiting needs. She takes advantage of our databases for her sourcing and our broadcast email campaign system for communicating with prospective hires, and our applicant tracking system (ATS) for her reporting.

Jen Kambies
Director, Special Initiatives
Cleveland Clinic
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

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