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Benefits of Hiring a Physician Assistant

Benefits of Hiring a Physician's Assistant

Physician Assistants have become increasingly popular over the last 2 decades, quickly becoming a valued member in many medical organizations. The profession's popularity has increased due to the contributions and unique qualities these Advanced Practitioners bring to the table.‌ If your organization is looking to increase productivity while also increasing patient satisfaction, you may want to consider hiring a Physician Assistant (PA) within your practice. Below are just some of the benefits of physician assistants:

Hiring a Physician Assistant Increases Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is one of the greatest benefits of physician assistants in the office. Patients frequently report high satisfaction levels when it comes to visiting with a Physician Assistant. Many patients report that PAs are more empathetic and seem to have more time for them during the visit when compared to Physician counterparts.

These benefits of physician assistants may be due to the fact that PAs are often able to spend more time per patient on health education and answering questions than other medical providers.

Financial Benefits of Hiring a Physicians Assistant

A big advantage associated with hiring physician assistants is that they can boost your revenue. PA salaries are notably less than Physicians despite seeing similar patient loads. When evaluating a PAs salary versus their revenue, they can make up to 3-4 times their salary for an organization depending on the specialty(1). Hiring physician assistants within your clinic can also have the added bonus of freeing up Physician time. This free time can then allow Physicians to provide more focused and often higher grossing procedures and services.

Increased Productivity by Hiring a Physician's Assistant

Having another medical practitioner around the clinic certainly wouldn't hurt if you are looking to increase your organization's productivity. Hiring a physician's assistant can allow for patient care in tandem with Physicians, on a separate schedule, or in a satellite clinic. There are a variety of scheduling options available to help boost your revenue.

Clinical Services Expansion

Hiring Physician Assistants can help expand your organization's services in a variety of ways. PAs can man-walk in clinics, provide specialty procedures or patient educational services to name a few. Their clinical flexibility also allows them to adapt to a variety of medical specialties without the need for additional certifications. Many PAs moonlight in specialties that are different than their primary employment and provide care for both pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients.

Hiring Physician Assistants To Provide Clinical Backup

Hiring Physician Assistants can help augment clinical coverage for overextended Physicians on holiday, stuck in surgery, or backed up in the clinic. It's nice to know you will have backup coverage when you need it most.


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