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Steps to Take Now to Keep Your Physician Pipeline Full

Keeping a pipeline full of candidates can be a challenge on good days, let alone during a pandemic. To stay ahead of candidate shortfalls, it is important to take steps now to ensure that your Physician pipeline stays pandemic-proof.

Expand Your Recruiting Scope - The pandemic has some Physicians rethinking their professional options. Whether it be due to COVID related lay-offs or working outside of their given specialties to fill shortages, some Physicians are opening to new opportunities. To help you capture these Physicians, consider expanding the range of Providers you contact with new opportunities. Specialties like Primary Care, Emergency, and Internal Medicine are amongst the most flexible specialties when it comes to making career transitions and may be a great place to start.

Step Up Your Multichannel Marketing - COVID-19 has many Physicians heading to the web, making it essential to connect all your marketing efforts online. Launch pages are a great starting point to showcase your organizations’ story. This page can then guide prospective hires across your entire spectrum of social media and marketing initiatives with ease. By connecting channels like email, social media, Instagram, LinkedIn, and home websites with a uniform message, you are more likely to effectively target potential hires.

Target the Future of Medicine -Residency programs and Medical Schools are an important resource for healthcare recruiters. Tapping into these young Physicians can help fill your recruiting pipeline with an ongoing supply of eager recruits needing assistance landing that important ‘first job’.

Offer Something Different - Consider offering individualized benefit packages to attract talent. With more couples working than ever before, many new hires are not looking for the standard array of benefits, as their significant others already have coverage. Benefits like salary increases in lieu of standard benefits, educational opportunities, bonuses, scheduling flexibility, or telemedicine options can be especially attractive to some hires.

Add Some New Features to Your Pitch - Try spicing things up a bit by adding new features to your recruiting pitch. Consider including a Physician or Organizational Profile to help highlight the unique culture and top-notch staff you can offer a prospective hire.

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