Holiday Recruitment Efforts

As the holidays are approaching, physicians and most HCP's are looking forward to time off with their family to celebrate the season and take a much-needed break from the ongoing stress of long shifts and stressful days.‌ Most recruiters assume ramping up recruitment efforts around the holidays are a big no-no – no one is looking for a new opportunity this time of year…or are they?


Holiday Recruitment Efforts: An effective strategy or a waste of time?

Contrary to popular assumption, there is something magical about this time of year. As the weather starts to change and leaves fall from trees, it is a time of reflection for many physicians. The year is coming to an end, and prior to the rejuvenation of New Years and New Year's resolutions, there is a quiet moment to evaluate their satisfaction in their current roles.

The opportunity is two-fold, as other recruiters start backing down on their efforts, there are less emails flooding their inboxes and less phone calls lighting up their phones. Your message has the potential to stand out.

Some things to keep in mind when recruiting during the holidays:

  • Timing is everything – admin are taking days off to use up vacation time, you may be able to bypass the same gatekeepers if you mix up when you are calling
  • Adjust your messaging – hone in on the new possibilities of a new year – a new job can truly change a physician's happiness and sense of fulfillment
  • Try new strategies – on average it takes 7-10 touchpoints and 3 different mediums to push a prospect to make a decision – keep your email campaign running, but consider adding direct mail and text message touch points

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