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Things You Should Know About the Nursing Shortage

There’s a nursing shortage on the horizon. Here’s why it’s happening, what you can expect, and how you, as an employer, can do your best to combat it.

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How to Recruit Physicians in an Uncertain Economy

Recruiting physicians in an uncertain economy can be challenging for healthcare organizations, as economic downturns can lead to decreased job opportunities and increased competition for available positions. However, there are several strategies that healthcare organizations can employ to attract and retain top physician talent, even in uncertain economic times.

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What You Should Know About Salary Transparency Legislation

For years, pay equity has been a hot topic in employment law. The next step toward actualizing equal pay for equal work across genders, races, and nationalities is to pass laws requiring disclosure of pay scales. LinkedIn News listed pay transparency as one of the “ideas that will change the world in 2022.” Employers operating in regulated locations, employing remote workers, and recruiting across the nation have questions about the details of the laws – What will these laws require? How will they comply with these laws? To whom will these laws apply? Some states and cities are regulated more heavily than others.

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Why Physicians Aren't Changing Jobs

Healthcare recruitment has had its challenges recently. As the result of a pandemic and a labor shortage, and now an impending recession, physicians are taking a pause when it comes to considering new job opportunities.  Why is this occurring? Below, you will find some things to consider when carrying out your physician recruitment efforts.

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How to Recruit During a Recession

Experts are saying that they foresee a recession in the future, which will further complicate your recruitment strategy no matter what industry you're in. With that being said, there are a few steps you can take to put yourself ahead of the curve during the recruiting process. Recruitment can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. PracticeMatch is here to help you analyze your recruitment processes, and as a result, help you succeed with a successful recruitment strategy.

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