9 Telltale Signs It's Time to Get a New Physician Job

Are you frustrated at work and feeling like there are more bad days than good? Is it just a phase or is it time to look at whether or not your current job is still the best option for you? To help evaluate, here are some signs that it may be time to start looking for a new job.

1. You're getting short tempered with colleagues or staff.

If you are leaving the clinic feeling guilty about the way you have treated your staff or colleagues have mentioned that you seem short with them, it may be time to evaluate your choices.

2. You have less patient empathy.

Patient interactions shouldn't be a source of perpetual irritation. If you are finding it difficult to empathize with your patients, you are less likely to provide the quality care they need.

3. You are arriving late and showing less attention to detail.

Attention to detail is essential in medical practice. When you start to lack respect for others time and interest in the details it negatively impacts your job performance.

4. You dread the start of the workday or week.

Disgust or dread shouldn't be the emotions elicited when you start the day at your job.

5. You feel stressed or burned out despite making changes.

Continuous stress and feeling overwhelmed despite making changes to your life or clinical practice can be a signal that it's time to try a job change.

6. Management is not hearing you.

If you are continually ignored by management, whether it be suggestions for changes either clinically or administratively, it may be time to look for an employer more open to your suggestions.

7. Your Health Is Being Affected

A bad job can negatively affect both your mental and physical wellbeing, so it is important to listen to your body when your health is being negatively impacted.

8. You Are Bringing the Stress Home

Bringing home toxic stress from the office can destroy your home life and leave you isolated from those you love. Consider leaving jobs with toxic stress in favor of those that promote a more "family friendly" attitude.

9. You have noticed increased alcohol, drug use or binge eating to relax.

Participating in destructive behaviors due to the negative effects of a miserable job is a red flag sign it's time to seek professional help and think about alternative job options.