Physician Recruiter

Do I need to respond, even if I'm not interested?

The job search process can be a stressful time for any physician but getting correspondence from multiple recruiters can add to this stress. You may have initially had great interest in an opportunity, but since applying that has changed and the recruiter continues to reach out.‌ I have been asked by multiple physicians, do I still need to reach out to let them know I'm no longer interested? The answer is yes! Recruiters may not know you are no longer interested so let's look at the top 3 reasons to reach back out.

  1. Recruiters are not mind readers. It may seem like a no brainer to you that if you are not responding to calls or emails that you are not interested, but many recruiters will continue to try to reach out. Why? Because they do not know if you are ignoring them or if you are not receiving their messages. If you are a viable candidate for the organization, they will continue to try to reach out to make sure that they do not lose you as a lead. Send a quick email or give the recruiter a call to let them know.
  2. Your practice type interest may have changed. You may have applied to an opportunity because it seemed like a great option at first glance, but after more thought or deeper insight you have decided that you are no longer interested in the opportunity. Just like stated in reason 1, recruiters have no way of knowing that your interests have changed. You may have originally applied for a hospital position, but now you are more interested in academic positions. When responding to their call or email, thank them for their time of reaching out, but you are no longer interested in this position because you are looking at a different position type. They will either be able to remove you from their list or let you know if their organization has opportunities in that practice type available.
  3. Geographic preferences have changed. Life happens and that may mean your geographic preference has changed. Just like if your practice type interest has changed, you will want to let the recruiter know because they may have other opportunities available in that area or they may know of someone else hiring in that area.

Many recruiters have time set aside throughout the day and week to make phone calls or to reach out via email, so if you are trying to just avoid their calls or delete their emails, it doesn't mean that you are off their radar. Reach out to let them know that you are no longer interested in the opportunity. Telling the recruiter that you are not interested in a professional manner is not going to be detrimental to you, but they will know that you are no longer interested.

When letting a recruiter know that you are no longer interested in their opportunity you do not want to burn any bridges, so avoid yelling or using foul language. Make sure to thank them for their time and give a brief reason as to why you are no longer interested, i.e. spouse is doing a fellowship in another area, practice preferences have changed, no longer looking because you have signed with an organization.