Female Physicians now account for over a third of the Physician workforce in America. This growing number of practicing female physicians are changing the workplace and choosing to establish their practices in a variety of settings.‌ Certain states have emerged over time as preferred locales for top female doctors. Here's a review of the top 8 most popular states for practicing female physicians *:

Most Popular States for Practicing Female Physicians


Massachusetts tops the list for the most popular state for practicing female physicians.Just over 41% of the state's Physician workforce is female, making it a top pick for the 12,000+ women who practice there.

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Vermont's beautiful landscapes have attracted many top female doctors.Despite this states' small number of MD's, close to 900 practicing female physicians call this state home, comprising 40% of the Physician workforce.

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but it's still a big draw for top female doctors. Over 1,500 practicing female physicians are located in Rhode Island. Their presence represents a notable 39% of the states' practicing Physician workforce.

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Maryland's central location and high median incomes make it a great choice for top female doctors, with over 9,000 calling it home. These Physicians constitute 39% of Maryland's Physician workforce.

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Oregon is the only state on this list representing the northwest. Home to Nike headquarters, this state has a 38% female Physician workforce comprised of over 4,500 women.

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New York

The Empire State is home to an impressive 27,000 practicing female Physicians. These women represent 37% of its practicing Physician workforce, making New York state the second largest overall employer of female Physicians after California.

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The Land of Lincoln is home to the Windy City and over 13,000 practicing female Physicians. These women represent a notable female presence in Illinois medical communities that encompass 37% of the states' Physician population.

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The Most Popular Area for Practicing Female Physicians

District of Columbia

While our nation's capital may not be a state, Washington tops the list for the most popular area of the country for female Physician practices. The District of Columbia's Physician workforce is over 46% female with more than 2,700 top female doctors calling the area home.

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