Top Medical Residents

There is a long-standing rivalry amongst Medical Residents over who is "top dog". While every specialty is comprised of a diverse mix of talented Resident Physicians, some specialties outperform others regarding tests scores, publications, and research work.

The results of the AAMC's First-Year Residents Test Scores and Experience report, helps shed light on which Residents are first-class based on their above-average testing results and hard work.

Test Scores:

MCAT and Step 1 & 2 test scores are frequently used as a benchmark for predicting future performance during medical training and on licensing examinations. When evaluating these test results, Residents working in the areas of Otolaryngology and Surgical specialties rank highest.

MCAT Results

  1. Otolaryngology Residents earned top marks for the highest MCAT scores averaging 32.5
  2. Residents working in surgical specialties "cut" out the competition, boasting the second-highest average MCAT scores.
    • Plastic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Neurosurgical Medical Residents all reported MCAT scores averaging 32.4
    •  Vascular and Orthopedic Surgical Residents followed closely with 31.9 and 31.7 scores respectively.

MCAT Results

  1. Otolaryngology Residents again top the list for top scores with an average Step 2 CK score of 252.6
  2. Residents working in Surgical specialties were consistent in scoring top tier test results after the MCAT, as they also excelled in Step 2 testing.
    • Orthopedic Surgical Residents reported an average score of 252.3
    • Vascular and General Surgical Residents trailed closely behind Ortho Residents, snagging the third and fourth spots for top Step 2 scores.

Research & Publication Work:

The road to independent practice for most Physicians is paved with a variety of research and academic-related pursuits. When it comes to research experience, presentations, and academic publications, several specialties pull away from the pack.

  1. Surgical Residents are again at the top of the class when it comes to research and publication experience.
    • First-year Neurosurgical Residents reported an average of 4.2 research experiences and 15.8 publications/presentations. Plastic Surgery followed closely behind with 4.3 and 14.6 respectively.
    •  Vascular Surgery Residents were also notable for their impressive work, with 3.7 research experiences and 10.8 publications on average.
  2. Otolaryngology Residents were also working hard racking up a respectable 4.5 research experiences during their first year as well as 9.6 publications/presentations on average.