Searching for a new job can be exhaustive and leave you feeling drained. This is especially true when there is lack of feedback and no end in sight to your search.‌ If you find yourself with lackluster motivation levels, consider trying some of these tips to get you back in the game with a motivated attitude.

7 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

Get in a Rhythm

  • Every good job search needs to have a systematic plan you can follow to ensure success. Establish a daily routine that includes searching specific job sites, adding new contacts, sending out a target number of CV's and a set follow-up routine with prospective employers. A structured routine can provide some predictability to your otherwise unpredictable job search while also providing a sense of stability in your life.

  • Check Your Goals

    • Make sure that the goals you have set for yourself are reasonable. Is your job search timeline or salary expectations realistic for the market or location you are targeting? Try to align your expectations with reality in order to increase your likelihood of success.

    • Be Grateful

      • It is important to remind yourself of what's really important and how much you have to be grateful for in your life. There is more to life than work. Remember Your Motivation- When things are getting tough remember why you are on the job hunt. What are your motivations for making this employment change- is it for your family, a higher income, a better practice location, or maybe just added variety and excitement?

      • Be Flexible

      • If you are out there pounding the pavement, putting in applications all over town and haven't heard anything back, consider adjusting your search criteria.

  •  Evaluate your search criteria as to whether or not it may be too strict regarding salary and location considerations. By relaxing some core search parameters, you may be able to increase the likelihood of success. 
  • Try employing some new strategies. Get out there and go to some new networking events or explore avenues to make new contacts to help land your dream job. Think about new job boards, local society meetings, national meetings or contacting a physician recruiter.

Enlist Your Friends Help

  • A great source of support during a job search can come from friends and family. Tell them you are job hunting and check in to talk about your progress. Their support can also come into play in regard to your CV and interviewing technique. A top source of failure during the application process stems from a poorly written CV. Whether it be editing, format or content, it is important to make sure your CV looks top notch. Consider asking your friends or family to review your CV and give feedback, they may find a few things you have missed or haven't clearly explained.

  • Be Prepared for Rejection

    • No matter how amazing you are, rejection is part of every job search. It is essential to be prepared for rejection and remember that it happens to the best of them.