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It is essential to make a great first impression when attending a physician job interview. Employers frequently base their impressions on your appearance during the first few seconds of an interview.‌ What you are wearing and how you present yourself speaks volumes to how you will be perceived. Therefore, presenting yourself in the best light is essential. To increase your chances of making a great first impression consider avoiding these physician job interview attire blunders.

What Not To Wear To Your Physician Interview

A properly fitting suit is important if you want to make a great impression. If it has been a while since you last tried on your suit or if you have gained/ lost weight, be sure to try on the suit before the interview to ensure it still fits. The suit should be cleaned and pressed for your physician job interview. This is a statement of professionalism and indicates to the interviewer that you value their time and consideration.

Be sure to wear a white T-shirt under your dress shirt. It can help absorb any stress sweat you may produce while also eliminating any underarm stains if you must take off your jacket during the physician interview.

Wearing the wrong tie can be detrimental to your physician job interview, and prevent the interviewer from considering you to be a serious candidate. Be sure to avoid any ties with characters, themes, or crazy patterns. Choose a tasteful tie with a pop of color like red or blue. Blue ties in particular are often perceived as confident, reliable, and honest while red ties indicate that the wearer is assertive. Bold, and confident. Avoid wearing a black tie when possible.

An unkept head of hair can give an interviewer the impression that you don't put effort into yourself. Be sure to have a clean, polished look without excessive hair gels during your physician job interview. A haircut is a quick and easy way to address any hair issues you may have. Scheduling a haircut one to two weeks before your physician interview is a good idea to allow you to adjust to the style and walk into the interview with confidence.

Leave your messenger or computer bags at home unless you feel they are absolutely essential. These bulky, cumbersome bags can be distracting and appear more casual than the formal interview attire you are wearing.

Avoid using any heavy personal scents like colognes or body sprays. You are applying for a job that requires close personal contact and a heavy scent can be off putting to both interviewers and patients. Be sure to utilize a scentless anti-perspirant prior to your physician interview. This is a great option to eliminate personal body odor during a stressful situation while removing the need for a strong covering scent.

Remember to polish your shoes before a physician job interview. Employers frequently notice small aspects of candidates' personal appearances, and unpolished shoes can give the impression that you do not attend to details. It is also important to wear a more formal shoe that matches your suit. If you are attending a physician interview that includes a tour, be sure to break in your shoes prior to the appointment to ensure that you can walk comfortably. Wincing in pain will not endear you to a potential employer!

Keep your attire in muted tones like navy, black, or grey except for your tie. You want them to notice you, not your distracting color choices. Clean, professional colors are ideal for physician interviews where candidates are highly educated, trained, and are required to uphold strict professional standards while on the job

Cell phones have become part of our daily wear but it can cause an unwelcomed distraction during a physician job interview. Consider leaving it in your car when interviewing to avoid appearing distracted or causing a disruption while interviewing. If you must carry your phone with you it should be securely stored out of sight and remain off or silenced for the duration of the interview. Physicians are required to give patients their undivided attention while on the job, and your interviewer will expect the same during your appointment.

Physician Job Interview Tips

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