We know that choosing a specialty can be stressful.  And in some cases, you might want to change your specialty. There could be many reasons for this, the biggest one being that the specialty just isn’t the way you thought it would be. Learning about something and putting it into practice are two entirely different things, and the last thing you want to do is spend the rest of your career miserable because you feel like you can’t change your mind. We do already have an article about changing your specialty, and you can check that out here. With that being said, this article will discuss what physicians across a lot of different specialties think about the specialty they practice in, and whether or not they would choose it again. We will talk about physicians most and least likely to choose their specialty a second time.
How Many Doctors Would Choose Their Specialty Again?

The following list shows specialties with doctors who are most likely to choose their specialty again:

Dermatology: 96%

Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery: 96%

Oncology: 96%

Ophthalmology: 94%

Otolaryngology: 93%

Radiology: 93%

Gastroenterology: 93%

Urology: 92%

Plastic Surgery: 92%

Cardiology: 92%


The following list shows specialties with doctors who are least likely to choose their specialty again:

Public Health/Preventative Medicine: 67%

Internal Medicine: 68%
Family Medicine: 71%

OBGYN: 74%

Nephrology: 77%

Critical Care Unit Physician: 78%

Emergency Medicine: 79%

Diabetes/Endocrinology: 81%

Pediatrics: 82%

Pulmonary Medicine: 83%

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