The Top 6 Reasons You Aren't Being Contacted For That Physician Interview

Have you been applying for Physician vacancies and not landing interviews? If so, you may be falling victim to six common CV and screening issues that are blocking you from landing your dream job.

The Initial Screening Phase

The initial stage of the candidate screening process is where most candidates get hung up. During this phase, your CV is reviewed and assessed for specific criteria to ensure a good organizational fit. The top factors leading to disqualification at this point in the review process are:

Timeline Issues

Significant gaps in time on your CV is often considered a recruiting "red flag". Large gaps in time accounted for a large majority of applicants being eliminated from further screening. To help eliminate this issue, consider using CV formats that avoid a timeline format. This will help divert attention from the time gap while also providing you with an opportunity to explain why there is a time gap present in the first place.

CV Formatting & Presentation

A survey from the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters found that about half of applicants were eliminated for errors in spelling on their CVs, and others were dinged for poor CV formatting*. If this is an issue for you, consider employing the help of a resume writer or editor to avoid this easily remedied issue.

Job Hopping and Residency Changes

Frequent job changes are not looked upon lightly during the review process. A large majority of organizations eliminated job hoppers from further review. Residency changes and gaps in training were also found to be factors negatively affecting candidate favorability*. Applicants with these issues should strongly consider providing an explanation for these changes when applying.

Phone Screening

If you had a phone screening and didn't receive an offer to interview there may be several factors at play.

Red Flag Answers

The most common issue that eliminates candidates at this phase of screening often pertains to red flag questions. Most screeners reported that applicants who gave unsatisfactory answers when questioned about red flag issues noted on their CV were eliminated from consideration*.

Poor Candidate Presentation

Poor communication and interpersonal skills accounted for a large percentage of candidates being eliminated from further consideration. Even though you are on the phone, it's important to bring charm and clearly communicate your points.

Licensing Issues

Not surprisingly, Physicians with licencing issues can make organizations wary. If you have any sanctions, be prepared to be upfront and provide a clear explanation.