Top 4 Reasons to Attend Physician Career Fairs

Maybe you've heard a colleague ask that question, or you've even asked it yourself. I've found that many times physicians are unsure of attending because they're afraid it will be a waste of time. Let's look at the top 4 reasons to attend career fairs.

Meet potential employers

This is one that some physicians take for granted. This is perfect for those in training or near the end of a contract looking for an opportunity. Meet with a real representative of the organization and ask your questions. Even if you are completing your training in the spring and have already found an opportunity, this is still a great way to meet other employers and to network. You never know when you will need to look for a new opportunity and this a good starting point for contacts.

Learn more about opportunities in your specialty

Feeling underwhelmed about the opportunities available to you? Not sure what opportunities are available for your specialty? Chat with the recruiters to ask the important question of "Do you have any opportunities available for my specialty?" You'd be surprised at how many physicians I've heard leaving career fairs saying that they had no idea the opportunity was available with an organization.

Find out about different geographic possibilities for your specialty

People typically fall into one of two groups at career fairs. Group 1 is the "I know exactly where I want to work" group and group 2 is the "I'm not really sure where I want to work" group. If you fall into the latter group, don't fret! Recruiters are happy to speak to you about the different geographic areas that the organization covers.

Educational Seminars/Resources

Select career fairs offer free educational seminars prior to the career fair. The topics can range from immigration to CV help, to more about the job search. There may also be free educational resources available for you to take at check-in. Don't feel bad about wanting to see what is on the table and taking the information. It's there for you!

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