Physician Phone Interview Etiquette

What is it?

Phone interviews are an easy way to screen candidates before bringing them on campus to do a site visit. When applying for opportunities you should keep in mind that there is a great chance that they will schedule a phone interview with you first prior to a site visit.

Phone Interview Etiquette

Avoid loud areas. The interviewer cannot see you during this interview, so being in a loud area (whether in public or at your office or home), can come across that you are not giving your full attention to the interview. Choose a quiet area that you will be able to complete the interview and turn off any music or television that could be heard in the background.

Choose an area where you have cellular service. It seems that many have ditched a typical landline and only use their cellphone as a mainline. Make sure that if you are using a cell phone that you are in an area where you will not lose service and drop the call. Having the phone call go in and out can make it troublesome for questions and responses to be heard correctly.

Be ready when the call comes in. Whether you are calling into a conference line or the interviewer is calling you directly, make sure that you are prepared. Set a reminder prior to the interview so you can make sure you have all items needed for the interview ready, and not have to stall the interview from starting on time.

Answer the phone professionally. First impressions are important, so you do not want to start the interview off on a bad note. Do not answer the phone as you may for a family member or friend. One way to answer would be, "Hello, this is Dr. (Last Name)" or "Good morning/Good afternoon".

Treat it the same as an in-person interview. You should treat the phone interview just as important as you do the in-person interview. Have your list of questions prepared, be prepared to answer professional questions, and do not treat this as "just a formality" prior to the site visit.

End the phone call professionally. Even if the interview did not go as planned, make sure to always thank the interviewer for their time. You may not want to proceed further with the organization, but you also do not want to end on a bad note with them. Ask them what to expect as the next step so you have an idea of a reasonable follow-up time if you have not heard back from the organization.