Tips For Rebooting Your Physician Job Search

Are you feeling discouraged in your physician job search and not achieving the results you had hoped for? If so, it may be time to reboot your search and try some of these tips to help land your dream job.

Reboot your Physician Resume:

If you are not hearing back from hospitals, medical centers, or other potential employers for an initial interview, it is probably one of two things: you are applying for jobs that are not a great fit for your skill sets or your resume needs help. A professional physician resume gives you an opportunity to make a stellar first impression on a prospective employer. HR managers often spend less than a few minutes reviewing individual resumes. Your physician resume must be succinct and clearly address the qualifications that were outlined in the description of the post for which you are applying. If you are not immediately clear about your skills and certifications, you are far less likely to receive a response.

  • Evaluate your resume to ensure that it is clear and easy to understand. Be sure to also express how your skill sets match the job's advertised requirements. This step is critical because the first person to review your resume is likely a member of the HR team who may not be a specialist in your area or have a full appreciation of your qualifications and background.
  • Avoid using a boilerplate physician resume for every position. Each employer has different values and qualifications they are looking for. Be sure that your resume emphasizes the keywords used in the physician job description. Including these keywords in your resume increases the likelihood of being chosen during an initial HR review and reinforces that you have everything they are looking for.
  • Consider enlisting the help of a professional writer. Hiring a resume writer can provide you with great third-party feedback from someone who can clarify questions about your resume. These individuals specialize in the creation of resumes within a particular field, and will give you the optimal chance to land an initial interview with your desired hospital or medical office.

Enlist Help From Friends And Fellow Physicians:

Try spreading the word that you are in the market for a physician job and are open to new opportunities. It may be that a friend knows someone with an upcoming vacancy. Friends can also be enlisted to give you feedback on your interview attire and body language to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving a physician job offer following the interview.

Evaluate Your Line of Communication:

The way in which you interact with a prospective employer can adversely affect the outcome of your physician job search. Consider whether the employer is best contacted by phone, email or an in-person inquiry. It is critical to follow up after any interview to thank the interviewer for their time, restate your interest in the position, and ask any follow up questions that may be relevant.

It is also beneficial to request the employer's feedback. If you interviewed and were not selected, ask for feedback to help ascertain what didn't work and why. This can give you great insight into any issues you may want to address when applying to future positions.

Use Physician Job Search Tools

Your physician job search does not need to be complicated. Hospitals and medical offices throughout the United States are in search of qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of positions. Utilizing a physician job search website can help you to narrow positions and easily determine which jobs would be your best match.

PracticeMatch offers free physician job listings for thousands of vacancies. Browse by specialty, location and more to find your perfect match.