Skype Video Call Interview Tips

Video interviews, particularly through Skype, are becoming a mainstay in the recruitment process for many organizations. Due to differences in format from face-to-face interviews, Skype interviews require a modified approach to make a great impression.‌ To help nail your next video interview, try some of these easy tips.

Look Your Best

Appearance counts and is no less important on a video interview so remember to look your best. Not only does a professional appearance make a great first impression, it also helps put you in the right mindset to tackle the interview. Also, adjust the height of your laptop/camera to eye-level so you don't have to look down or up to your interviewer.

Location is Key

Choose a quiet place without distractions. Isolate possible distractions like animals or ringing phones and make sure they will not be heard from the nearby room. Ensure the room has adequate lighting. Also, make sure to check the area behind you that will be visible on camera—it should be clean, clutter free and only appropriate items such as books and pictures are seen. Eliminate any items that may be distracting from the background.

Give Yourself Time

Be sure to allot sufficient time for the interview. Life can be unpredictable and video call interviews may start late or run over, so make sure you plan for overtime. Planning for overages will also decrease the chances of secondary time crunches and stress.

Body Language Counts

Just because Skype and video interviews focus on your face and torso doesn't mean your body language goes unnoticed. Monitor your facial, torso and hand movements while you speak and use gentle and warm gestures. This will help project confidence and increase your likeability. Remember to smile!


Try enlisting the help of friends and family to run a mock video call interview. This practice can help elicit potential body language, presentation or technical issues that may arise during the video interview process. This will allow you to proactively adjust your approach to make your interview day run smoother.

Do Your Research

Just because it's a video interview doesn't mean you shouldn't take the same steps you normally would to prepare. Be sure to thoroughly research the position and company, prepare notes and write down any pertinent questions you have. It's okay to reference these notes during the video interview, but make it brief.

Check Your Tech

Technology is notorious for glitching at the worst times, so when it comes to video call interviewing, plan ahead. Make sure your software is up to date and any hardware like cameras are clean and in proper working order. Prior to the interview, ensure that all nonessential apps running on your computer are closed. This will help guarantee you are operating at top speed while also enhancing your video feeds.

Have a Contingency Plan

Murphy's Law is out there, so it's important to have a contingency plan for Skype video call interviews. Whether you are running late, having tech problems, or the interview is rescheduled to a conflicting time, it is important to plan for unexpected changes.

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