The Most Popular States for Medically Underserved Physician Practice

Providing health care to patients in medically underserved areas can be a rewarding career choice for Physicians wanting to help those most in need. Approximately 23% of early-career Physicians answer this call to help the underserved by practicing in areas designated as medically underserved throughout America*. While every state has relevant vacancies, some states are more attractive than others when it comes to Physician practice.

  1. Alabama- The deep south is home to the nation’s top employer of Physicians working in underserved locations. Alabama holds the distinction of a record 64% of its Physician workforce being employed in medically underserved areas*. This work is especially critical in a state that ranks 48 out of 50 for health rankings due to high rates of poverty, obesity, and a lack of access to medical care1.
  2. Mississippi- Mississippi is another southern state that is home to a remarkable number of service-minded Physicians. With an astonishing 51% of its early-career Physicians practicing in medically underserved areas, counties with significant needs like Issaquena, Kemper, and Benton benefit greatly from their work2.
  3. Louisiana- The beautiful “Bayou State” has the dubious distinction of coming in dead last nationwide in America’s Health Rankings1. Many challenges face the state’s residents when it comes to healthy living and convenient access to health care. To help counter these challenges, 45% of the state’s early career Physician workforce are involved in providing care to patients residing in underserved areas*.
  4. Rhode Island- The smallest state in the union has a big need for caring Physicians willing to work in areas of considerable need. Despite being home to Brown University and RI School of Design, the area around the capital city of Providence has the state’s highest demand for Physician services2. Fortunately, this state has 44% of its younger Physicians choosing to work in locations that qualify as medically underserved*.
  5. Maryland- This mid-Atlantic state is home to one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, as Baltimore merges down the coast with Washington, DC. This area is also home to the state’s most underserved county, where many of the state’s early-career Physicians choose to practice*.