The Advantages of Telehealth Opportunities to Counteract Physician Shortages

In this age of instant access technology, aging populations and Physician shortages, telehealth is a top solution to counteract America's physician shortages.‌ Telehealth assists Physicians in increasing patient numbers while also increasing their quality of medical care(1). Through its use of virtual visits, consults and remote medical management, telehealth is changing the way healthcare shortages are addressed by employers nationwide.

Understanding Popular Telehealth Applications

There are plenty of benefits of telehealth as a flexible tool to address healthcare shortages both in and out of the office. Telehealth can be just as effective as an in-clinic consultation for many appointment types and offers added convenience on both the patient and practice side. Below are several telehealth applications that are becoming more common and can be considered as methods to address workforce shortages within your practice.

Specialty Consultation

Telehealth shines when it comes to specialty consultations. America's notable shortage in the number of practicing specialists has reached a critical level. These shortages are most keenly felt in remote and medically underserved regions. Telehealth provides a vital lifeline to real-time consultations with a multitude of specialists providing care for those areas in need. Specialty telehealth consultations are most commonly utilized in an Acute Care settings consulting with specialists in Stroke Care, Mental Health and Primary Care.

— Top Specialty Telehealth Opportunities for Physicians: Areas with the most telehealth opportunities for Physicians are found in the areas of Stroke Care, Psychiatry, Neurology, Radiology, and Pediatrics.

Case Conferences/Discussions

Conferring with colleagues and Multidisciplinary medical teams is a cornerstone of telehealth technology. This is an especially attractive advantage of telehealth that can help recruit Physicians to fill remote practice sites by enabling them ready access to necessary consultations.

Satellite Clinic Coverage

Telehealth offers advantages to the Physician, eliminating time consuming commutes while covering their satellite clinics. Instead of running site to site, Physicians can stay at a central location and complete their patient visits online.

Home Health Consultation

America's aging population is stressing an already overextended healthcare system. As more patients enter the home health system, telehealth can provide increasing opportunities for patient outreach. This virtual technology can help eliminate many time-consuming home visits for Advanced Practitioners, allowing them to instead, virtually visit an increasing number of patients.

Remote Access Care (diagnosis, treatment & maintenance care)

Increasing access to medical care in underserved areas is one of the top advantages of telehealth. Whether it be due to geography, anxiety or time constraints, many patients avoid going to the doctor until their health has deteriorated. Medical conditions identified earlier in these populations can eliminate the need for more costly and complex care, while also reducing the need for advanced specialist care.

Telemonitoring of Devices

New medical digital interfacing technologies are being created to help remotely monitor a variety of conditions, especially in the areas of stroke and cardiac care. These telehealth systems are helping decrease Physician shortages by reducing the need for on-site specialist care.

Physician Practice Advantages of Telehealth

Telehealth provides scheduling flexibility for physicians. Part time, home based or moonlighting opportunities allow Physicians the flexibility to provide services to patients in need while alleviating shortages. Telehealth is also an especially attractive work option for Physicians with young children requiring flexible employment opportunities.

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