Creating a CV is about as much fun as getting a root canal. There is seldom a more daunting task than sitting in front of your computer, staring at a blinking cursor and a blank white page, commanding you to type out your qualifications and provide a thorough summation of your academic and professional achievements. That is no small feat! Add sticking to a strict format on top of that and the stress compounds.

The core attributes of a great physician CV are:

  • Current contact information
  • Personal statement
  • Work experience
  • Education (include the full name and location of your medical school along with degree earned and completion year)
  • Licenses & certifications
  • Skills
  • Activities, memberships, affiliations, & awards

Nikki L’Hote, Director of Recruitment at Peritus Search Partners says, “First impressions are everything. Think of your CV as a first impression. As a recruiter, when I see a CV that has poor formatting, spelling errors, and general lack of attention, this causes me to wonder if this a pattern that translates into their work ethic. Taking a few minutes to proofread, have someone else proofread, and/or run it through free on-line tools such as Grammarly, it really can make huge difference."

Luckily, PracticeMatch exists to make your life easier. Our team of physician career experts created a CV generator and set of easy-to-use templates.

The world is your oyster once your CV is up to snuff. A well-written & cleanly formatted CV and cover letter is the ticket to your dream opportunity. Looking for your next physician job opportunity? Browse the  and search for opportunities using an assortment of criteria, including Visa requirements, loan repayment, salary, and bonuses offered in addition to geographic search filters.